Spirituality & the Awakening Self

I wrote this book in order to unpack the understanding offered by the mystics of the transformational nature of the journey into union with God.  My focus is the deep changes in our identity and consciousness that are not the product of our efforts at growth but the result of following the call of Spirit to become more than we are. The soil of my understanding of the psychological and spiritual processes I describe lies in my work in psychotherapy and spiritual direction and I have drawn on these experiences for extensive illustrations.

My agent has described this as my magnum opus.  I prefer to simply call it the most complete statement I have offered to this point of the possibilities of human becoming. I would also say that it represents my fullest articulation of how I see psychology and spirituality coming together in human awakening and unfolding.  Q&A sections at the end of each chapter invite dialogue with readers and unpack key insights for greater understanding and practical value. The book also contains appendices at the end for those who want to know more about dreamwork and meditation as paths to personal and spiritual awakening.