Presence and Encounter

Presence is the link between the divine and human realms. Ordinary consciousness distorts the closeness of these two realms and results in our feeling that there is a great chasm between them. But, in truth, the human and divine spheres of life interpenetrate and are inseparable. Presence makes us aware of the thin places in which we live. It is the threshold through which we pass to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the secular into the sacred.

This book presents a series of reflections on presence and the way in which it makes encounter possible and life meaningful. When we are truly present, life reveals its meaning to us through encounter with ourselves, others, the natural world and God.

Presence and Encounter is an invitation to live with more presence so we can encounter the transformational presence of God more deeply in our lives. It is organized around 14 short chapters that invite reflection rather than attempt an exhaustive treatment of the topic. The book also includes end-of-chapter reflection exercises for individual or group use and a foreword by Fr. Richard Rohr.