Opening to God

I long vowed that I would never add to the enormous number of books on prayer by writing one more myself.  But, so much for resolve! In what I think is a relatively fresh presentation on the topic I start by making a distinction between prayer and praying, arguing that prayer is not something we do but something God does in and through us. Prayer is, I suggest, the act of breathing in the love of God and then breathing this same love back out into the world. It is opening our selves to God and allowing the life of God to flow through us. And when words are involved, it is listening in on God’s conversation with God as it passes through us.

Organizing prayer around the four movements of the ancient monastic practice of lectio divina, I describe four major prayer pathways – prayer as attending, prayer as pondering, prayer as responding and prayer as being.  Suggesting that we understand the components of lectio divina as movements in a divine dance, I then present how these come together to describe the contours of a path to communion with God.

What I present in this book is my own journey back from prayer as an act of discipline to prayer as a response to the God who is already communicating and who invites us to open ourselves, tune into that communication and then respond to it.  I pray that it will be as revitalizing to your prayer life as it has been in mine.