Human Being and Becoming

Being & Becomming - Cover

This is a book I have wanted to write for a long time but was not ready to do so. My own journey into the fullness of being human was too limited and my personal wholeness too truncated. I don’t claim to have arrived but I have discovered some very practical and concrete ways of moving toward these ideals.

We become fully human by living the incredible adventure of the life we are given and the opportunities for love that it presents. The route to wholeness is not perfection but embracing the realities of our lives – including our brokenness – and giving ourselves fully to love.

Love is one of the three big themes of this book. Love is the foundation of all being and becoming. But the love I describe is not the soft sentimental love of Hollywood or Hallmark cards. It is the word some cosmologists are bold enough to use to describe the attractional force that holds planets in orbit and provides the glue that holds atoms together. It is the strongest force in the universe. But it is also the gentlest. Only love can soften a hard heart, renew trust after it has been shattered, inspire trust and free us from the tyrannizing effects of fear. Love holds all things together and grounds all human being and becoming.

The second big theme is wholeness. Wholeness isn’t something we need to achieve. Modern science makes clear that reality already possesses an integral wholeness. Think of the cosmos as a series of nesting Russian dolls – smaller wholes being contained within larger wholes. Wholeness comes from finding our place within the larger wholes within which we exist. This is the place of belonging that we need for full and deep human being and becoming.

The third big theme of this book is the nature and importance of the heart – not the pump in our chest (although it is obviously pretty important!) but the metaphoric heart that plays such a crucial role in living out of our depths. The cultivation of heartfulness is the route to the fullness of our humanity and this book presents practical discussion of just what this involves.

So, if these things are of interest, this book is for you. My hope is that it will help you live more fully the great human adventure of life and love.