Community Membership

Wisdom is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or beliefs. This is why Cascadia is committed to inclusivity in our admission and membership policies.

Applicants to Cascadia should be motivated to live their way into wisdom, wholeness and well being – and to learning how to do this within the context of active, committed engagement with others within the community. They should also have (or be committed to establishing) an ongoing contemplative or meditative practice and should possess a spirituality that leads to engagement with the needs of the world. In order to participate in the ongoing online and video conference interaction within Cascadia, applicants must also have basic computer skills and regular access to a laptop or desktop computer (not just a smartphone).

Dates for the video conferences will be communicated well in advance of each session. Please note that they always occur at 5 PM GMT (or UTC). You will be responsible to convert that time to your local time depending on the date of each video conference and whether or not you live in a time zone that observes Daylight Savings Time. Please also be aware that GMT (or UTC) time does not change with Daylight Savings Time.

While Cascadia primarily operates as an online community, physical gatherings may be periodically arranged. Advance notice of these will be found on the Live Wisdom website or sent to those on our mailing list by email.

What You Can Expect

    • You will receive the upcoming year’s reading list once your admission is awarded and membership fee is received.
    • The online interaction starts April 1 and continues until the end of the subsequent March.
    • The readings, as well as challenges and progress in living the things being taught, form the core of our ongoing dialogue. Special topics arising in the online interaction often form the focus of the video-conferences.
    • The group’s ongoing interaction is the foundation of the program and commitment to regular engagement in that interaction is an expectation of all program participants.
    • The Cascadia Directors (David G. Benner and Sylvie Y. Vidaillac) serve as the primary mentors throughout this process, although other associate mentors also occasionally participate in the online interaction and videoconferences. All mentoring is provided within the context of the group. See About Us for more information about the mentors.

What is Expected of You

Membership within Cascadia requires a commitment of at least two to three hours a week. Suggested readings typically involve reading 30 – 35 pages a week but reading them contemplatively (slowly and reflectively) means that this will generally involve one to two hours a week. The other one to two hours in an average week will involve interaction with other community members by means of our online communication platform (Ryver) and approximately monthly conferences (which are conducted on Zoom).

We recognize that not all weeks will be average, and that not always will for everyone to be present for every video conference. However, a commitment to ongoing interaction with other program participants is a program requirement, this making Cascadia unsuitable for those who simply seek a context for independent learning.